COVID-19 Response

After pouring through a ton of information provided between my state and national professional organizations, I will be implementing some new precautions/protocols in order to reduce the risk of infection. Here are some changes I have made in relation to patients in order to comply with as many CDC/WHO guidelines as feasible to keep everyone as healthy as possible!

SCHEDULING: For now, I will have hours on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays to start, and unfortunately, will no longer be scheduling at the top of the hour as usual. Treatments will still be the same time, 45-60 minutes, however I will need to have more time in between patients in order to properly disinfect the room between patients.

MASKS: Masks (cloth mask is fine!) will be required before entering, and will need to be worn during your treatment. If you are receiving a face-down treatment, you may remove your mask right before putting your face down. There will be a special set up with the face cradle in order to help control air droplets.

PRE-SCREENING: I will be taking no-contact temperatures at the door and if you have a temperature of 100.4 or higher, I unfortunately will not be able to treat you. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms the day of your appointment, please cancel your appointment:
• New cough
• New shortness of breath
• New fever, or feel feverish
• New chills, or repeated shaking with chills
• New fatigue
• New sore throat
• New loss of taste or smell
• New nasal congestion
• New muscle aches
• New diarrhea

SOCIAL DISTANCING: When you arrive in the parking lot, please call/text 732.242.4536 to let me know you are here. In an effort to protect you from any other people that may be in the common waiting area, I will call/text you back when I am able and ready to take you directly into the room. Please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment, including children (sorry, moms!)

Please be aware that these are just the changes I am implementing that directly involves patient participation – I am also doing a lot in the background in terms of extra sanitation between each patient!