Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt?

Woman's Feet Receiving Foot MassageMany people associate needles with pain due to the memories of getting an injection with a hypodermic needle at their doctor’s office.  Hypodermic needles are large due to the fact that they need to be hollow to allow matter to pass through.  Acupuncture needles, however, are very thin, entirely solid, and many that are used are as thin as a strand of hair found on one’s head.  Most people do not feel like insertion of the needle, and for those that do, the sensation is often described as a “quick pinch”, much like “being bitten by a mosquito”.  Once in place, the patient may feel tingling, a dull ache, fullness/pressure, or even warmth – all completely nature and normal, and is a sign your body is accepting the treatment.

Will it help me lose weight/stop smoking?

Acupuncture is wonderful at encouraging the body to naturally help itself.  Those who want to lose weight or stop smoking through acupuncture must first be sure it is a goal that they are making for themselves, and not for someone else.  People who find success with weight loss or smoking cessation tend to be people who are mentally/emotionally ready to quit.  For weight loss, a patient may expect to have a decrease in food cravings, experience a boost in metabolism, or experience a boost in energy levels to help them get up and exercise, but it will not “melt” any fat off of a body.  For smoking cessation, a patient may develop a distaste for cigarettes, as well as a decrease in stress levels (as for most smokers, stress is a major factor).

How many treatments will it take?

Woman Undergoing Acupuncture TreatmentEveryone that gets acupuncture has a different condition; diet and lifestyle play a large part in a person’s general well-being.  Every patient’s treatment plan will be different, someone with an acute condition can be treated with less treatments than someone with a chronic condition.  It is recommended that anyone pursuing acupuncture treatments give this holistic medicine anywhere from 3-6 weeks initially (with at least one treatment a week – twice a week is highly recommended) before determining whether or not their condition is being helped.  Many acute conditions (pain due to injury, a cold, etc.) may have results in as little as 1 or 2 treatments, while a chronic condition such as  fibromyalgia or irregular menstration may take a few months for patients to report significant results.  Health takes time, someone who is looking to lose 100 pounds from years of eating cake and ice cream will not lose that much weight from going to the gym once – it will take effort and dedication.

How do I know it’s not just a placebo effect?

Studies have shown that even prescription medications have somewhat of a placebo effect on people (check out this article!) While it is possible that expectations of a patient may have an effect on the efficacy of the acupuncture treatment, not everyone that gets acupuncture assumes they will be feeling better – animals have been known to respond to acupuncture as well.  It is unlikely animals understand that acupuncture is meant to heal their injuries, thus there must be something more than just the placebo effect.  More and more veterinarians are training to be animal acupuncturists and if your pet is have difficulty with mobility after surgery despite a regimen of medications, perhaps even your local vet can refer you to an veterinary acupuncturist to help!

Will my insurance cover acupuncture?

Composition with needles for acupuncture, close up.Just like everyone’s health status is different, everyone’s insurance plan coverage is different as well.  Qi Point Acupuncture is currently not contracted with any insurance companies, but if you have out of network benefits your treatment may be covered!  Give a call today with your insurance card information so we can check your benefits for you.

I’m a senior, are there senior discounts?

If your insurance plan does not cover acupuncture and you are paying for your treatments out of pocket, we do offer discounts for certain cases.  In addition to a 55 and older discount, we also offer a student discount as well as a military discount.  Proof of status required in form of ID card, ID will be copied and kept on file to ensure you can get the benefits!

Do you take walk-ins??

Unfortunately, walk-ins may not be able to be accommodated due to the extremely personalized serviced here for patients.  With only one acupuncturist on duty your best bet will be to call ahead to see if there is any open slots in the schedule for some day appointments.

Can I purchase a gift certificate for someone?

YES!  Gift certificates can be purchased HERE.  Please be advised that there are no refunds on gift certificates, and they may not be redeemed for cash value.


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